La Agencia de Salud Publica,  actualmente informa que los servicios de préstamo de equipos permanecen cerrados al público, por lo tanto, la Biblioteca de Equipo de GOL!  permanecerá cerrada.


Lake County Public Health is currently advising that any gear lending services remain closed to the public, therefore, the GOL! Gear Library will remain closed.


Get Outdoors Leadville!’s mission to connect youth and families to the outdoors to inspire dreams, foster stewardship, build leadership, and strengthen community. GOL! is a project of Lake County Public Health Agency, dreamt up through a community coalition of passionate visionaries who partnered to reduce barriers to access and enjoyment of Lake County’s amazing natural world. GOL! came to life in 2017 through generous support from Great Outdoors Colorado and its Inspire Initiative program.

GOL!’s vision is that Leadville-Lake County is a community where people of all ages, abilities, and cultures imagine and create a better world through connections to the outdoors and to each other.