Team GOL! is back at it in 2020.



Collectively, our Team GOL! Athletes and “Double the Dollars, Double the Difference” Matching Sponsors are raising funds to ensure GOL! can sustain affordable outdoor experiences for Lake County youth and families. We aim to unlock the many benefits associated with time in nature — and the funding provided by Team GOL! will help us continue to do that!


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 Justin Ernst & Nick Kirk – Grand Traverse Triple Crown


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 Races: Grand Traverse Triple Crown

 Skimo March 29, 2020 – Run September 5, 2020 – Bike September 6, 2020



 Why Nick & Justin love the outdoors: The mental, emotional, spiritual and physical impacts that nature exposure has had on us throughout our lives is as certain and tangible as anything we have ever known. We are so thankful for the opportunities that have allowed us to run/ski/bike/climb/raft in some of the most beautiful places on earth that we can not stop jumping at the chance to challenge ourselves with new mountain adventures!


Why Nick & Justin are fundraising for GOL!: The best traits of who we are have been shaped by the amazing people in our lives and the awe and respect that nature has instilled in us. We know the more opportunities and time our young people are afforded in the outdoors, the more our commanalites will be brought to light, and the brighter the future will be for all of us. The actions GOL! has taken towards this are inspiring and it is a privilege to be able to contribute.


Justin & Nick’s Campaign Goal = $5000! ($2500 in donations plus a $2500 match from Downstream Construction, LLC




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