Combining personal passions & athletic goals to fundraise for Get Outdoors Leadville!!

Support TEAM GOL!’s goal to raise funds to provide on-going outdoor adventures for Lake County youth…as they reach their own outdoor adventuring goals!

Get Outdoors Leadville! (GOL!) has been primarily funded by a generous grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) since its launch in December 2016. That major grant sunsets in summer 2020 – and after that point, GOL! does not have guaranteed funding to sustain programming. We know the difference GOL! has made for our community and we believe it is critical to sustain GOL!’s impact well beyond 2020. We want to ensure the transformative outdoor experiences & programs GOL! offers remain accessible to all members of our community, regardless of their ability to pay full price for those experiences. TEAM GOL!’s fundraising efforts will help kids learn to mountain bike and ski, climb mountains, go backpacking, and a whole other myriad of high-impact human-powered outdoor activities. This support will help families go camping for the first time, explore snowshoeing together, and find (or re-energize) their love for the natural world. TEAM GOL! believes the in the positive impacts that experiences outdoors can have on people of all ages – and we believe in their incredible efforts as athletes and agents of awesomeness in Lake County!

Double the Dollars, Double the Difference: Match Team GOL!

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Downstream Construction LLC has generously agreed to match Team GOL!’s campaign dollar-for-dollar up to $1000. Help GOL! earn an extra $1000 with this awesome matching contribution!

Jill & Ben Patton have joined the Double the Dollars, Double the Difference campaign. They have pledged $1500 to match team GOL!’s efforts.

Hot off the presses – Treeline Kitchen, a delicious local restaurant right here in Leadville, CO, is contributing another $500 to match Team GOL!’s fundraising work. This brings us to $3000 of matching contributions.

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Email and write “Match” in the subject line. 


DONATE HERE to contribute to a Team GOL! racer’s campaign!

to help us earn our $3000 match!

Meet our amazing TEAM GOL! athletes:

Are you an athlete who wants to join Team GOL!?

Email and write Team GOL! in the subject line.

Gloria Perez & Rodrigo Jiménez

Donate to Gloria & Rodrigo’s TEAM GOL!

Gloria’s Race: Leadville Trail Marathon (June 15, 2019)

Rodrigo’s Races: Leadman Series: Leadville Marathon, Silver Rush 50 Run , LT Trail 100 Bike, 10K, LT Trail 100 Run

Gloria – I grew up in Leadville, but as a child I never spent time outdoors or being active. As a parent I am so thankful that my little one can spend his summers in the Rockies Rock program through GOL!. On June 15th, I will be running the Leadville marathon for the 4th time ~ this year, I’m running to help raise money for Rockies Rock! Please help me raise $1000 to support this wonderful program!

Rodrigo – I joined Team GOL! so that all children and youth in Leadville have opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors and develop a love for the outdoors at a young age. GOL! provides this opportunity for children who may not otherwise have ways to make this happen. It’s an incredible program that we are so lucky to have in our community.

Gloria and Rodrigo are racing to raise $1000 to support GOL! programs.

Lisa & Marvin Sandoval

Donate to Lisa & Marvin’s TEAM GOL!

Lisa’s Race: Silver Rush 50 Mountain Bike Race (July 7, 2019)

About Lisa: Lisa is an endurance mountain biker. She has completed the Leadville Trail 100 four times and Silver Rush 50 three times. Lisa is hoping to participate in the Silver Rush 50 MTB again this year.

Marvin’s Races: Leadman series (Leadville Marathon, Silver Rush 50 Run and Bike, LT Trail 100 Bike, 10K, LT Trail 100 Run); Tahoe 200 Endurance Run; Ultra Burro Races: Creede Pack Burro Race, Annual World Championship Pack Burro Race, Boom Days Pack Burro Race, Buena Vista Gold Rush Days Pack Burro Race, and others TBD.

About Marvin: Marvin is an endurance runner and mountain biker.  He has finished the Leadman series six times (!).

Why Team GOL!? – We decided to join team GOL because we wholeheartedly agree that the engagement of youth to the outdoors is powerful and has a tremendous impact on their lives and on our community.

Lisa has set a goal to raise $500 to sustain GOL! programs & Marvin is dedicating his Leadman racing season to reach his goal to raise $2000.

Jacob Sheetz-Willard

Donate to Jacob’s TEAM GOL!

Race: Leadville Trail 100 Run (August 17, 2019)

Why Team GOL!? – I’m racing for Team GOL! because I’ve spent the past five years leading wilderness trips for high school juniors and believe all young people should have recreational opportunities in the outdoors and access to wild spaces. I’ve also seen the good that GOL! continues to do in Leadville and want to help expand the reach of its mission.

Jacob’s goal is to raise $1000 to sustain GOL! programs.

Emily Blau

Donate to Emily’s TEAM GOL!

Races: Run the Rockies Half Marathon Frisco, CO August 8th, Camp for Coffee Half Marathon Crested Butte, CO Sept 21

Why Team GOL!? I am Dean of Students at Lake County Intermediate School and a huge supporter in getting all students outside and moving. I am supporting Team GOL! because I believe in their mission; I believe every child, regardless of their background, race, first language, or socio-economic status deserves an equitable opportunity in trying new activities and adventures out-of-doors!

Emily is running to raise $1000 to sustain GOL! programs.

Katie Speckman

Donate to Katie’s TEAM GOL!

Races: Leadville Trail 100 MTB (August 10)

Why Team GOL!? I love what our community does for our youth. I am racing for team GOL because our future needs mentors who will show them they are capable of doing ANYTHING. I love being outside and challenging myself to try new things. Mountain biking, dirt biking, running, hiking, shooting, Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, being a coach, mom and a teacher are all some of the things that make me feel alive and I want to influence others to try them too.

Katie hopes to raise $500 to sustain GOL! programs.

Pat Cade

Donate to Pat’s TEAM GOL!

Race: Leadville Trail 100 Run (August 17, 2019)

Why Team GOL!? – I am a life long runner who began running ultras when I moved to Leadville 3 years ago. I started coaching the Lake County Middle School cross country team and high school distance track runners at the same time and hope to inspire the next generation of runners.

Pat is racing to raise $1000 to sustain GOL! programs.



DONATE HERE to contribute to a Team GOL! racer’s campaign!