The Community Gear Library has thousands of pieces of gear – ranging from socks to skis and backpacks to bikes – available to support members’ outdoor adventuring plans.

But just like any regular library that categorizes its books by genre, we think it’s easier to navigate borrowing needs by starting with the type of activity you’re interested in.

Here are some general suggestions to get you started:

These lists are a sub-set of the current Gear Library inventory, grouped by items most commonly utilized for these activities. We are happy to provide advice on outfitting for various types of adventures, but cannot accept responsibility for the selections borrowers ultimate make and the gear taken into the field.

Wish there were an item available you don’t see on the list? Please let us know!

To Request Gear:

  • Ensure your membership is set & you’ve completed a Gear Library overview with GOL! staff. (For individual borrowers, you can do this in parallel with your first borrowing request. Program Partner groups must attend full Gear Library Orientation first.)
  • Review the activity recommendations & decide what you need to borrow.
  • Download and complete a Gear Request Sheet identifying the specific gear needs and date(s) of planned activities.
  • Submit your Gear Request Sheet  (Spanish)to GOL! Email it to us or bring a hard copy by in person during our usual operating hours. Please plan ahead as much as possible in order for us to accommodate your gear needs in a timely manner; at least a few days ahead of time is ideal. Requests are fulfilled on a first come/first served basis, according to gear inventory availability.
  • Receive confirmation of request from GOL! Staff, and schedule date & time for gear pick-up.
  • Pick up gear from GOL!, then get outdoors & have fun! Send us some pics of the gear in action, if you can!
  • Return gear at pre-set time & complete your Outing Report (in Spanish here) (so we can tally up how the gear is being used & also track maintenance needs).
  • Reflect back on your outdoor fun & start planning for your next outing!

GOL! staff is available to assist throughout the process. Please reach us at or 719.297.1769, with any questions or needs. We’re happy to help you determine what gear you should borrow based on your plans.

Gear Care

We want the Gear Library equipment to be available and in good shape for years to come. The better the gear is used & maintained, the more adventures it can support.

Please review our updated, COVID-19 specific Gear Care Guidelines for an outline of the expectations.  Feel free to contact GOL! staff if you are unsure about how to return specific items and need clarification.

  • Returning soft goods (clothing & sleeping bags): Please do NOT wash these items before returning them as we usually ask you to do.  The Gear Library will wash/disinfect all soft goods upon return.
  • Returning kitchen kits and dishes: Please DO wash all dishes and kitchen kit items before returning.  The Gear Library will disinfect these items upon return.
  • Returning all other equipment (sleeping pads, tents, backpacks, bikes, etc.): Please wipe off dirt, empty all pockets, and return clean and dry.  The Gear Library will disinfect items upon return.

Treat the GOL! gear better than your own so this resource can be sustained for the community!

We reserve the right to revoke membership if it appears gear care guidelines are not being followed, including state of gear upon its return.

When Something Goes Wrong

Accidents happen to the best of us, and normal wear-n-tear is expected. Mindful use and ongoing care goes a long way to keeping gear in good shape. Please treat gear like (or better!) than your own, so we can sustain this community resource.

If gear is lost or damaged to the point beyond which it can reasonably be repaired, GOL! reserves the right to charge borrowers for its replacement. See the Gear Replacement Costs (in Spanish here) sheet for details. Similarly, if repair is required, we may need to pass along the associated cost and reserve the right to do so, as outlined in the membership agreement.

When gear is damaged during use, please alert us so that we can address it as soon as possible. 

More Information & All Documents

Program Partner members, please refer to your specific membership agreement for additional guidance & borrowing requirements.