Hi! We’re so glad you are a member or are interested in becoming a member of the Get Outdoors Leadville! Community Gear Library (CGL). Here, Lake County families and community members of all backgrounds can borrow outdoor equipment and clothing, learn about local trails, spaces, and programs, and explore your connection to nature. 

We offer 3 primary annual membership types, named for 3 of our Core Values. These are available to all folks who live attend school, or work in Lake County. Proof of residency, school ID, or work in Lake County will be needed to become a CGL member. (Note: If you’re already a member, you can consider switching types now or when you renew!). 

Please visit us during our open hours to get your membership!

Choosing your membership type 

GOL! is committed to breaking down cultural, social, and physical barriers that make it difficult for some folks to access and enjoy outdoor spaces and pursuits. 

To help you select a membership type that is the best fit for you or your household and supports making the Community Gear Library an equitable, inclusive, vibrant, and sustainable resource, we invite you to explore the following 5 questions about privilege and disadvantage when it comes to the outdoors:

  1.  Are you part of one or more privileged identity groups when it comes to outdoor pursuits? Privileged identities in the outdoors are: race (white), gender (male), social class (upper), sexual orientation (heterosexual), and physical ability (able-bodied). If you are a member of one or more of these groups, we hope you select a membership type to support the inclusion of people of underrepresented identities.
  2. Have you mostly felt welcome in the outdoors? Some things that help individuals feel welcome outdoors include frequently seeing people who look like you represented in the media and recreating wherever you go. If your answer is “yes,” we hope you will select a membership type to help others feel welcome outdoors.
  3. Are you able to access gear from sources outside of the Gear Library? If “yes,” we hope you will both, support local businesses, and still become a Community Gear Library member to help GOL! reach folks with less access.
  4.  Have you been enjoying outdoor pursuits for a long time? If “yes,” we hope you’ll select a membership type to ensure folks who are newer to outdoor pursuits can begin a lifetime of outdoor engagement.
  5.  Do you plan to borrow gear frequently? If “yes,” great! And, the more frequently you will use gear, the more we hope you’ll choose a membership type to sustain our operations (i.e. routine maintenance, replacement of gear, investment in new gear).

After reflecting on those questions, think about your personal privilege or disadvantage in accessing the outdoors. If you’re more privileged, and your current situation allows, please become a Connection Member or Magic Member. On the other hand, if you are disadvantaged in your access to the outdoors, we invite you to join as a Community Member to unlock equitable access! 

Ultimately, what matters most to us is that you join the Community Gear Library, and we never want cost to be a barrier for anyone in our community, so please just chat with us so we can find a plan that works for you. 

Membership Types

  1. Community Membership: GOL! is an initiative of, by, and for community. We listen to, learn from, and collaborate with our diverse community. This membership is an annual suggested donation of $30 for an individual or $50 for a household. We also have a special student Community rate of $15/year for CMC and local high school students ages 16+ (with a legal gaurdian’s signature)
  2. Connection Membership: GOL! embraces the outdoors as an ideal space to build connections to self, to others, to local places, and to the greater natural world. We facilitate outdoor access that optimizes the potential for connections. This membership is an annual suggested donation of $90 for individuals or $150 for a household.
  3.  Magic Member: GOL! fosters and celebrates the hard-to-define moments of awe, wonder, joy, inspiration, and peace that can come from time in natural spaces. We encourage each individual to explore and create their own version of magic, big or small. This membership is for any amount, you decide! This is for those who don’t actually intend to borrow gear, but want to support GOL!’s work in our community. You can be a long-distance Magic Member, no need to live, work, or attend school in Lake County.

Membership fees are minimum suggested donations to help cover the high expense of gear purchase and maintenance. However, costs should not be a barrier to enjoying all the Gear Library has to offer! If fees are a barrier for you, please just let us know.


Gear Library memberships are effective for a year, and can be renewed annually. Members will need to receive an orientation to the Gear Library policies & expectations and complete the membership agreement before borrowing for the first time.

For general questions about the Gear Library, please connect with us at or call/text 719.297.1769.